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National Disability Voter Registration Week Reporting Form

Registration Reporting Form

Report Your Data!

July 16-20, 2018

Thank you for participating in National Disability Voter Registration Week (NDVRW) this year! Your participation is a critical part of our national effort to get more people with disabilities registered to vote to increase the political power of our community.

An important part of building our political power is collecting data and building lists to show that there are a lot of people with disabilities who are registered and plan to vote.

In 2016, Rutgers University estimated that 35.4 million people with disabilities are eligible to vote - this number increases to 62.7 million eligible voters, 25% of the total electorate, when we include family members of people with disabilities. 

WE NEED YOUR HELP to collect data and show the impact of our efforts. Please report the number of people you registered during this year's National Disability Voter Registration Week (July 16-20, 2018). Contact Zach Baldwin with any questions.


Ripple Effect of the Disability Vote

The power of the disability vote is more than just people with disabilities - it also includes our family, friends, advocates, educators, professionals, providers, bureaucrats, and more.